Training Workshop for Plant Breeding Students

The workshop for plant breeding students is a two-week intensive training aimed at building capacity for post-graduate students by enhancing their practical skills with more up-to-date and advanced techniques in statistics, quantitative and population genetics and genomics in order to make them more technical and science-based.

In collaboration with Kirkhouse Trust, University of Embu will be offering the first training to 20 post-graduate students selected from various Universities in Central and East Africa. The practical-based program will be held on from the 4th to the 15th June 2018 at the University of Embu.

University of Embu also offers post-graduate training in the following areas: Master of Science in Plant Breeding and Biotechnology and PhD in Genetics and Plant Breeding.

Please contact the Chairman of Department (Agricultural Resource Management) for more information about post-graduate training in Genetics and Plant Breeding.

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