Online Hostel Booking - June 2018 (Closed)

Procedure to access the Online Hostel Booking Portal

In order to access the UoEm Online Hostel Booking Form, you will need to follow the instructions below:-

  1. Download the "Students' Email List" below, Search for your name to get your assigned email address.
  2. Login on using the email address and your KCSE No. in this format 1234567890/2017 as your password. (For Diploma Students, Your admission number is your password in this format e.g A110/XXXX/2018)
  3. Click on the link "Online Hostel Booking Portal" below to continue booking.
  4. If you receive the message "You need permission" ensure to logout on all email accounts and only login with your new Student Email Address.
  5. Upon submission of successful booking the payment details will be displayed and a copy sent to your email.

N/B It is advisable to use a computer or laptop to avoid any inconveniences, however if you must use a mobile phone, ensure that you have logged out of your default email address.
If you face any challenges do not hesitate to contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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